Papa and Mama Root is a trademark property of John D. Moore. Copyright 2007-2017.
Papa and Mama Root have released two CDs.  Seventeen original selections off of the "Home Cookin'" and "Second Helpings" CDs have charted in the National Airplay Top 100 Americana charts of air play spins from Record World Magazine.

Papa and Mama Root’s “Cold Morning in Hell” off of “Second Helpings”  charted at number 71, the highest ranking the duo has achieved.

The other charted songs from Papa and Mama Root are  (72)“I’ll Always Be Your Friend”, (73) “Messin’ 'round”, (74) “What’s My Name”, (79) “Come On and Love Me One More Time”, (80) “Hold Me Tight Tonight”, (81) “I Still Know How to Do My Stuff”, (82) “Love Ain’t No Super Highway”, (88) “Bar Stool Queen”, (89) “I Wish I Could Love You Like I Used To”, (90) “Maybe, Maybe, Maybe”, (91) “You Gave Me Everything that I Need”, (95) “Down In The Keys”, (96) “Hold Me Tight”, (97) “Three Sheets In the Wind”, (98) “You are the One”, (99) “Get Back Home to You”, (100) “I Left the Seat Up”.

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