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Papa and Mama Root deliver a unique blend of the popular musical styles, and unforgettable songs and artists, of rock 'n roll's Golden  Era of music ...the 15 defining years from 1958 through 1973... the years and hits that make up over 80% of Rolling Stone Magazine's Greatest 500 songs of all time list. In addition, Papa and Mama add an insider look into the seldom heard history of the songs they perform.

Papa and Mama also perform their own Americana original songs...musical vignettes that feature a striking sonic and lyrical resemblance to the hits you have loved all of your life.

Papa and Mama Root is a trademark property of John D. Moore. Copyright 2007-2017.
1. Oldies Road Trip...featuring year by year selections from a wide base of styles, artists and memorable songs from the Golden Age of Rock and Roll (1958-1973) including the Rolling Stones, the Mamas and the Papas, the Beatles, Wilson Pickett, Bob Dylan and a whole lot more!  This is the evolution of rock music's variety at it's best!

2. Folk Rock and Americana...featuring hand picked selections from the Golden Era of Rock and Roll (1958 - 1973) with emphasis on folk rock and Americana artists such as Bob Dylan, JJ Cale, The Turtles, The Band and a long list of your other favorites.

3. Root Rockers...random selections from the Golden Era of Rock and Roll (1958 - 1973)and the roots of rock and roll with emphasis on oldies (1950s and 1960s) style rock hits.

4. Country Rock...selections from the Golden Era of Rock and Roll (1958 - 1973) with emphasis on country rock favorites such as Creedence Clearwater Revival, Ricky Nelson, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Everly Brothers and more.

5. Old School R & B... selections from the Golden Era of Rock and Roll (1958 - 1973) with emphasis on old school rhythm and blues artists like Wilson Pickett, Lee Dorsey, Sam Cooke, Smokey Robinson, The Temptations and more.

6. Random Roots...selections from the Golden Era of Rock and Roll (1958 - 1973), but with the added energy of a focus on Papa and Mama Root's 1960s sounding originals.

7. The Expanded List...Papa and Mama's "best of" choice of songs from the Golden Era of Rock and Roll (1958-1973) along with favorites from a few years before and after.

8. Papa and Mama Root Originals...All original selections from Papa and Mama's own CD recordings.

9. The Mixed Bag...The mixed bag of hits featuring Papa and Mama's favorites from their entire oldies songbook combined with select originals.

All performances and songs are played in a simple, stripped down, live in a small club manner.  There are no backing tracks or cyber musicians....just a guitar, harmonica and two voices.  Just sit back, sing along and enjoy!

Nine performance options to get your roots rockin'. Select the performance option that meets your audience needs!
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