Copyright 2019.  All audio samples and original songs.  John D. Moore

Papa and Mama Root deliver a unique Americana musical experience, blending songs from rock and roll's golden roots era, legendary country tunes, early blues masters, and folk-rock with their own story telling originals.  The result is an eclectic musical delight...the Americana Blend!
Enjoy Papa and Mama's take on great Americana roots songs from artists like The Band, Levon Helms, Creedence Clearwater Revival, J.J. Cale, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Allman Brothers, Hank Williams, Sr. and even old blues masters like Robert Johnson. Get   
moving to some of Papa and Mama's treasure chest of original story teller songs too!
Tribute song or original, Papa and Mama strip songs back to their essentials featuring one acoustic guitar, harmonica and two vocals. There is no ear-splitting full band volume to deal with. There are no pre-recorded tracks or cyber musicians.  Everything is simple, live, real, and in the moment! 
  • Americana Blend of roots rock, early blues and old country.
  • An entertaining mix of tribute songs and originals.
  • No backing tracks or prerecorded instruments.
  • Songs done simply with acoustic guitar, harmonica and two vocals.
  • The feel of the '50's and '60's done today.
  • Live. Real. In the moment.

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Papa and Mama Root
Contact:  (716) 631-2023 (cell)