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Baseball, amusement parks, community events. fundraisers, reunions, restaurants since 2008.
Papa and Mama Root are members of BMI.
Papa and Mama Root are members of the Recording Industry of America.
Papa and Mama Root grew out of that project to offer a slightly different view of the 50's, 60's. and early 70's affordable acoustic electric duo alternative to full tilt boogie bands.  Papa Root plays electric acoustic guitar and fills in with harmonica. He is also the lead singer. Mama's solid vocal harmonies that add the texture and richness to the songs.   
Papa and Mama are the perfect fit for your next special event, community affair, reunion, corporate party or fundraiser.  Performance rates are affordable and show lengths are flexible.  Two, or three person, the audience engaging Papa and Mama Root shows are a treat and sure to please.

Amusement parks, family entertainment, sporting events and more are tailor made for Papa and Mama Root as well.

Coffee houses, dinner clubs,  and private parties are also perfect venues for stripped down, intimate, Papa and Mama Root performances. 

Performance tested and road ready, Papa and Mama Root is the wise choice for your next event. 

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Papa and Mama do not use backing tracks, cyber-musicians or other recorded material! They perform live, real, and in the moment with Papa on acoustic/electric guitar and harmonica and both Papa and Mama providing vocals and harmony.  Simple. To the point. The real deal.