Songs from Home Cookin'

Hold Me Tight
Messin'  'round
What's My Name?
Down In The Keys
I'll Always Be Your Friend
I WIsh That I Could Love you...
Come On And Love Me One More Time
Get Back Home To You
I Still Know How To Do My Stuff
Let's Throw A Party
Love Ain't No Super Highway
Maybe, Maybe, Maybe
Sometimes We Don't Have a...
Think About You
Bar Stool Queen

The style is story telling Americana influenced by '60's rock and roll, southern rock, country rock and folk rock. Stripped down to the essentials...acoustic electric guitar, bass guitar,  lead and harmony vocals.

Papa and Mama Root original music is a treat. Enjoy.

Prior release Life. Real. In the Moment. (as BluesRoot)

Whiskey's All Gone
So Tired of Lyin'
Hold Tight Mama
Another Man Done Got My Share
Must Be Sleepin' Round
In A Box
If I Can't Be Number One
It Was a Hell of A Party
Everything Gonna Be All Right In The Morning
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Papa and Mama Root: Home Cookin
Songs from Second Helpings

What You Do To Me Now
I Left the Seat Up
Hold Me Tight Tonight
You Gave Me Everything That I Need
Glad She's Gone
Three Sheets In The Wind
You Are The One
I Think Of You
Where Did It Go
Cold Morning In Hell
Well All Right
Stay A While

Papa and Mama Root: Second Helpings
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