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Young and old, inside and out, 2010 was a year for community gigs for Papa and Mama!
From gigs for worthwhile organizations like the Boy Scouts of America to town shows such as Grand Island NY's National Night Out senior centers and appreciation nights of all kinds, Papa and Mama provided a unique afternoon or evening of family enjoyment.   We were  sponsored at senior shows by:  New Buffalo Impact.
2010 community events

There's nothing more memorable than seeing people of all ages smiling, swaying, and dancing to the tunes of their lifetime and that's what Papa and Mama's community shows provided.  Of course, the appreciative support and help from everyone involved was well received too!  The community events give a firm foundation to Papa and Mama's pledge to provide a good, family friendly old time rock and roll show.

If you enjoyed our community event performances, then you're in luck for 2011.  Papa and Mama are increased number of these shows throughout our area in 2011.  Look for an expanded community event schedule next summer.  Rockin' to the root...for the whole community!
The 2010 community focused gigs covered a wide range of venues and activities...both outside and inside.
Papa and Mama Root are members of BMI.
Papa and Mama Root are members of the Recording Industry of America.
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